Melanie Oudin Outlasts Jelena Jankovic

Wimbledon 2009 27 Jun 2009

Ms. Jankovic, I warned you. If you come to play Ms. Melanie Oudin, pack your bags. Miss Oudin does not go away. She makes you run, across the court, then forward, then backward, then forward again. One set with Melanie felt like a lifetime for Ms. Jankovic, once the top player in the world and […]

Melanie Oudin – New Teenage Superstar

Wimbledon 2009 26 Jun 2009

We have waited a longtime for a day like this. We have waited an eternity for a Grand Slam event like this. We do not mind that the Brits took our precious 5 foot 5 inch bundle of joy and put her on Court Six in the last singles match of the day. Not one […]

Ana Ivanovic Needs a Toss!

Ana Ivanovic 24 Jun 2009

I never thought it would be hard to watch Ana Ivanovic play tennis. I was wrong. Not only is it hard to watch the Serbian beauty queen play, but it is painful. Painful to watch, filled with angst and it must be distracting to play against. This woman has the competitive heart of a lion […]

The Ladies’ Singles

Wimbledon 2009 20 Jun 2009

1. Dinara Safina – 8/1 – Dinara will make use of her top seed to romp through the opening rounds. The tennis world keeps waiting for Safina to bring that early-round mentality to the finals. At some point, she begins to play not to lose rather than to win. Her resume is dotted with success. […]