Goodbye Melanie Oudin – See You Soon

Wimbledon 2009 01 Jul 2009

While all the big girls are out there today, you will be watching. You will probably hit some balls, work on that serve and be thinking about what went right and what went wrong. Don’t you worry about it, little Melanie. As of today, you are the only professional tennis player at Wimbledon who has […]

Victoria Azarenka The Hard Way Home

Wimbledon 2009 30 Jun 2009

When beautiful 19-year old Victoria Azarenka wins the 2009 Wimbledon Championship, she will have prevailed over the most difficult draw in women’s tennis history. There, I have said it. I have said that Victoria will prevail and win the championship. I have said the draw was stacked against her. You might remember that I also […]

Melanie Oudin Outlasts Jelena Jankovic

Wimbledon 2009 27 Jun 2009

Ms. Jankovic, I warned you. If you come to play Ms. Melanie Oudin, pack your bags. Miss Oudin does not go away. She makes you run, across the court, then forward, then backward, then forward again. One set with Melanie felt like a lifetime for Ms. Jankovic, once the top player in the world and […]

Melanie Oudin – New Teenage Superstar

Wimbledon 2009 26 Jun 2009

We have waited a longtime for a day like this. We have waited an eternity for a Grand Slam event like this. We do not mind that the Brits took our precious 5 foot 5 inch bundle of joy and put her on Court Six in the last singles match of the day. Not one […]

Finally! An American King, Queen and Princess

Wimbledon 2009 23 Jun 2009

When it comes to American tennis, we are stretched pretty thin right now. American men have not won a Grand Slam since Andy Roddick captured the US Open in 2003. Thanks to Andy’s resurgence, we have re-born hope in every event, but even we do not like our betting chances. This week, we think Andy […]