Murray to start with tricky opener.

23 Jun 2009 by Hiland in Wimbledon 2009

andy-murrayAndy Murray will start his quest to become the first British man to win Wimbledon in some 70 odd years later today when he takes on America’s Robert Kendrick. It seems a match that the American is up for and he will be doing everything he can to cause a massive upset and dump Murray out in the first round.

However, this is easier said than done as the world number 3 will be high on confidence and is sure to enjoy the pressure and the occasion that is about to face up to him. There is so much focus and energy going towards Murray that Kendrick effectively has nothing to lose.

This is a dangerous situation for any player who is facing someone with this mentality. It basically implies that they expect to lose and any thing else that happens e.g. a surprise will be an upset. A lot of people won’t know much about Kendrick but it would well be the case that they do after today’s match.

The quality floating around in tennis at the moment is something that a lot of the better players are commenting on. Roger Federer said yesterday that his match against a little man from Chinese Taipei was one of the most difficult first round matches he had ever had at Wimbledon. This is for the simple fact that he was busting a gut to do any thing he could to knock Federer out of place.

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Murray’s opponent said ahead of the match: “I would love to disappoint the nation. If I could make a name for myself against Andy that would be great. I don’t want to focus too much on that match. There are easier matches in the draw. I’m a bit down because it’s a tough opponent to have in the first round but there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“He’s very talented. He’s got everything. He’s the world No 3 for a reason. But there’s a lot of pressure on that guy, and there’s going to be no pressure on me at all. I know there is a lot of pressure on him and you have to see how he reacts to that at the start of the tournament. Obviously him winning the Queen’s Club tournament built more pressure in terms of everyone thinking he can do it. He is playing great tennis. If I beat Andy it would be the biggest win of my career.”

Kendrick is a very powerful player that has an immense serve. Murray may have to play slighty defensively at times and wait in order to pick off the chances that he will be given. The plain facts are that for Kendrick to have any chance of causing the upset that he talks about then he will have to be on top form and hope that Murray has a miserable day and can’t hit a single shot properly. It would take a very brave and risky man to go and have a bet against Murray today as the Scot is sure to be as determined as ever.


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