Sharapova steps over first round banana skin

23 Jun 2009 by Hiland in Wimbledon 2009
Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova stepped over a potential first round banana skin to announce her return to tennis and the grass courts in some style. It was a typically ground out win from the Russian who saw off Viktoriya Kutuzova in straight sets 7-5, 6-4.

She displayed all fo the thinsg that many tennis fans have come to love in her and there were a few grunts to be added in as well. Sharapova looked as elegant as she ever has done and will be buyoed by the win as there were no signs of the shoulder injury, that kept her out for most of the season, returning to stop her in her tracks.

It was actually her Ukranian opponent who started the match in a more impressive fashion and managed to get a few games clear before letting Sharapova back in with a double fault on a service game. Things can only get better for the Russian as the tournament progresses but she will have to be a lot more clynical when she comes up against some better opponents.

Sharapova said: “I think there’s still work to be done. I think all the matches that I’ve been playing have really helped me, not just with my tennis but physically too, getting used to the movement on the court. But I always feel like I move pretty good on grass.”

“It’s funny, because sometimes in the middle of the match I’ll find myself thinking: ‘The progression of the shoulder: How’s it feeling’? But I think it’s just a matter of forgetting about it and just playing.”

Sexy Maria Sharapova Showing off in Wimbledon Tennis 2009

Sexy Maria Sharapova Showing off in Wimbledon Tennis 2009

The women’s draw looks a lot tougher than it has been during recent years at Wimbledon and there are a number of players that could potentially come out and win it. The Williams sisters will always be a force and Serena looked hardly troubled as she strolled to a similarly emphatic first round win. The only thing that did not go her way was the decision to wear a rain coat as she warmed up on a sunny day.

For Sharapova the next options are quite simple. Keep the head down and make sure she prepares perfectly for each match. It is important to remember that this is the first long tournament that she has played after injury and it will be interesting to see if her shoulder can take the pace and not start telling the body that there is a slight hint of pain and weakness.

Many of the top female players will see Sharapova as a weakness and will try to exploit her when and if they player her. However, the point is that this is the tournament that Sharapova announced herself to the world by winning when she was still at a very young age. The fans all seem to take to her and this could be enough to see her through to the later rounds.

She will have to loosen up and risk the injury a little bit more as the better players are bound to send her from one side of the court to the other in a routine fashion and test out the injury that could still be her downfall.


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