Wimbledon 2009 – Ladies Quarter Final Draw

01 Jul 2009 by Hiland in Wimbledon 2009

Venus Williams – Perfect in Quarters

Venus Williams in quarterfinal of Wimbledon 2009One big difference between Venus Williams and every other player left in the Ladies Draw at Wimbledon is that Venus is truly enjoying herself. Where other players are filled with tension, Venus is relaxed, comfortable and at home. Venus Williams, five-time Wimbledon Champion, is a beautiful tennis player and an exquisite ambassador of the game she plays.

As impressive as Venus has been on the court, she has been even more extraordinary off the court. Responding to tireless, senseless questions, Venus has been patient, gracious and even complimentary of lower echelon opponents.

Through her 5 matches, Venus has lost a total of 19 games. Yet, she has complimented the play of her opponents, been gracious and congratulatory in match-end handshakes. Venus Williams has acted like a champion and a player that expects to win the title.

Her 6-1, 6-2, drubbing of Aggie Radwanska not only showed the disparity in the ladies seedings but served as little more than a tuneup for the 3 seed. One had the feeling that this one could have been even more lopsided had Venus chosen that route.

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As it was, the 67-minute skirmish ended as quickly as it began. There was no question who the better player was. With Venus powering 120 mph serves. Aggie was powerless to respond.

To be honest, Aggie did well to get this far. On this surface, at this point in the career of Venus Williams, Aggie suffered what any other player would have endured; a decisive, leave-nothing-to-the-imagination defeat at the hand of a great champion. Venus Williams will play in the finals at Wimbledon 2009. That match may well be her first test of the event.

Dinara Barely!

Dinara Safina let it all hang out in her quarterfinal battle with unheralded German Sabine Lisicki. Sporting a little more exposure than Wimbledon’s Centre Court is accustomed to, Dinara caught up with Sabine and then passed her by in the 2.5-hour match.

Empowered by 12 aces and by Dinara’s ineffective serving, Lisicki mounted more of a challenge than expected. Safina, the number one seed, recorded an inexplicable 15 double faults and seemed out of sorts throughout much of the match. The winner also committed 38 unforced errors in a performance that can hardly breed confidence heading to a semifinal meeting with Venus Williams.

Once again, Dinara often appears more concerned with approval from her coaches than her on-court bearing. While a competitive match, it hardly seemed compelling tennis.

Midway through the third set, Sabine needed assistance from the trainer, but the handwriting was on the wall. Safina recovered from the 5-7 first set to capture the second at 6-4 and storm through the third at 6-1.

For Dinara, it was her second three set win on Centre Court. The young Russian needs to pull herself in for her semifinal match against Venus. Another performance like today and she will once again be distraught at a Grand Slam. No player can hand Venus Williams 15 double faults and expect to be standing in two hours.

Elena – What’s Up?

In the wake of the Williams sisters, Elena Dementieva’s quiet, determined run through the Wimbledon field has gone relatively unnoticed. Yet, she has picked herself up from some subpar Grand Slam performances and resurrected her ranking to gain a berth in the semis.

Her total dominance of Francesca Schiavone culminated a Wimbledon charge in which she has not lost a set. The four seed appears poised to challenge.

Elena is the proud possessor of 438 career victories and looks every bit of her ranking. The pretty Russian was a semifinalist here last year and knows what to expect on Centre Court where she will be a decided underdog.

But, today she was the favorite, a role that has given her some trouble of late. The 5 foot 11 inch, 141 pound beauty reached the finals at the U.S Open and at Roland Garros in 2004 but then retreated. A bridesmaid-never-the-bride syndrome has followed Elena for almost four years, but something feels a little different this time around.

As with Dinara Safina, perhaps Elena’s sights were set a little lower. Perhaps, she has been successful because expectations have been reduced or because the media has been busy elsewhere. Regardless, Elena looks ready.

However, she did offer up 9 double faults and those kinds of stats do not get past the semis when a Williams is lurking in the weeds. She countered with 13 outright winners, but she is going to need considerably more firepower against team USA.

For the 43rd ranked Schiavone, a terrific run came to an abrupt end in a little more than an hour on Court One. The Wimbledon quarterfinals have clearly affirmed the seeding as the semis will consist of the top four seeds, a rare occurrence on the Ladies’ tour.

Serena Williams – Wow!

I have to say, I picked Victoria Azarenka. I like her. I still do. But, Serena, you are tough. You are powerful. You are a determined force who does not look like someone who will drop the ball until you have crossed the goal line.

Serena Williams is an exquisite tennis player with the mindset of a middle linebacker. She just keeps coming at you. In her quarterfinal match, she defeated probably the third best grass court player in the draw in Victoria Azarenka.

It was more than a win. It was more than a decisive win. It was surgical. So surgical in fact that it even quieted my frisky pony, Victoria. Serena Williams was so dominant that she beat the third best player in the draw 6-2, 6-3 in such a way that there was never any doubt about the outcome.

And, Azarenka played well! Better than anyone else has against either Williams sister. Victoria looked like she belonged on the court with Serena. When she broke and held to go up 3-2 in the second set, there was a glimmer of hope for more tennis today.

Of course, you knew what would happen. Serena took one look at her family and answered with two breaks and two holds to end the day.

Serena Williams had 9 aces, no double faults and 28 winners. I mean who can compete with that! Oh yes, there is that other American, the taller one, the one with 5 Wimbledon titles. That is the match of the tourney. That is the story of Ladies tennis this year.

Yes, Elena will go all out. Yes, Dinara finally has nothing to lose. But, the William’s girls have a date to play in the finals. You can book that one.


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