Wimbledon gets ready to open the gates.

22 Jun 2009 by Hiland in Wimbledon 2009

wimbledon1It’s the time of year again when we can all sit back and enjoy some high level sport and competition over the next two weeks, forgetting about the current world as we are dazzled by brilliant shots and outstanding individual performances.

Wimbledon will open the gates later today for a grand slam tennis tournament that carries with it slightly more excitement that is normal. Current men’s champion, Rafa Nadal, will not be taking part, which has opened up the men’s draw and means that a number of potential players could put their hands up and be counted.

We are all hoping that it is a fortnight that Andy Murray can take full advantage of and become the first British player to win the even for so many years that it is difficult to remember. However, there is some Swiss man that wants to win it more so than ever.

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andy-murrayRoger Federer could win the event for the sixth time and become officially the greatest player to ever pick up a racket and take to the game. If he dazzles us again on the grass as he has done so many times in the past then we will all be quite content if he out plays Murray and knocks him out with some moments of brilliance.

It is a lot harder to predict what will happen on the women’s side of the event. There are a lot of women that can step up and use the event to re-announce themselves onto the world scene. The Williams sisters will always be a force to be reckoned with but the growing prominence of the Eastern Europeans could produce a winner.

The big news is the inclusion of Maria Sharapova who will want to prove to everyone that she can still play at the highest level. The Russian is just coming back from a bad injury that has kept her out of action for much of the last year and it will be interesting to see if she can cope with the pace and the high level of competition this year.

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This is all without mentioning the number of other doubles and junior events that are going on around the area that will provide us with non stop entertainment over the next 14 days. It really is a case of sit back and be amazed as we wait to see who will win the major honours this year.

Dodgy line calls, spectacular rallies, world record speed serves as well as the odd streaker are probably all guaranteed as tennis will take over our televisions and provide us all with numerous talking points as we go about our daily lives.

Murray Mount will be busier than ever and this is by far and away the best chance in living memory for a British player to rise to the occasion and give us all something to cheer about. We would all love to see him beat Federer in an epic final but there is a lot of tennis and a few matches to be played before then and there will be plenty of players who will want Murray’s head on a stick before the tournament is over.


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